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Dvele's Mini-home, Pine Model. Use it as an ADU or as a tiny home.

Modern meets mountain. Keeping with Dvele's signature clean, minimal lines, we designed a compact space that brings natural elements inside with luxury vinyl oak flooring and quartz countertops. Add in expansive windows to highlight your surroundings, and you have a premium Mini-home.

This 381-square-foot module, with 120 square feet of deck space, is pre-permitted for California and ready for immediate delivery



Our pricing includes all the advanced materials and premium appliances we use across all our homes. The additional costs will be permitting fees, hiring a general contractor, transportation, building a foundation (concrete blocks or steel piles), and connecting utilities to the module.

Price includes:
Light-gauge steel structure; 15% recycled steel
Engineered for 200 lbs/sq ft snow load
Liquid-applied, air and water-tight membrane
4" inches of exterior insulation; R-value 32
Exterior metal cladding
Millwork & Hardware
Flooring, doors, and trim
Tongue & Groove wood ceilings
European-style Lift & Slide doors and windows
Ring Pro doorbell
Nuki smart lock
Plumbing and electrical fixtures
Kitchen appliances (4); Bosch
Washer & Dryer; Bosch
Heating & cooling pump; Mitsubishi
Heat recovery ventilator (2); Lunos
Tankless electric water heater; Rheem

Modular Mini-Home by Dvele. Pine Model.

The gold standard for
new home production

Dvele's Self-Powered Home. Combining ultra energy-efficiency, solar panels, batteries and a home operating system.

Save Loads of Energy

We've built this home to be more energy efficient than a traditionally built home. Save money from day one on your electricity bill and help reduce your carbon footprint. Read more →

Dvele's Light-gauge Steel Frame. 95% recycled. Built to Last.

Built to Last

The home's entire structure is made from recycled light-gauge steel. Making your home more resilient to wear and tear and one that can resist severe climate events, insects, and mold.

Modular Home, Advanced Manufacturing by Dvele.

Advanced Manufacturing

From the digital model of your home to using automation and robots – along with premium materials – we never cut corners. And what you get is a precision-built home.

Tiny Home, Pine Model, 381 Square Feet.

381 Square Feet

With its 12' ft. 4" in. ceiling, and additional 120 sq. ft. of deck space, you'll be surprised how spacious the home feels.

Dvele's Mini-home, Pine Model, 14' x 39' 9'

14' x 39' 9" Footprint

One single module is all you have to worry about. It arrives on the chassis it's built on and can be placed on concrete blocks.

1 Bedroom and 1 Loft, Tiny Home by Dvele.

1 Bedroom, 1 Loft

Large enough to be a guest house, but it could also be your at-home office, a creative studio, or a family gym.


Ground floor


Loft / Bedroom

Mini Home, Pine Model by Dvele

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It's beautiful from every angle

What our clients think

There's nothing on the market like the Dvele Minis. Best in class in every respect, from design to quality, to energy efficiency and intelligence.

It makes the most efficient use of its “passive” environmental influences like sunshine and shading to lower energy demands in the living space.

Pine Mode, Tiny House by Dvele.

Give me all the details

These modules are pre-permitted for California as Moveable Tiny Homes. Making it a lot easier to obtain a permit for the unit this way.

There will still be strict guidelines for where the module must be placed on your property. So please, verify with your local city (county) planning committee for all the details. You'll be required to set the house at a specific distance from the primary residence, roads, driveways, and the neighbor's house.

What remains is for you to:
Obtain a permit for where the module will go,
Get approved for financing (if not paying cash),
Hire a General Contractor,
Prepare the foundation and utilities,
Have the GC install the module, and
Connect the utilities


View the floor plan, dimensions, colors, and finishing hardware

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Pine, Mini-home, Download package

Questions? We have answers.

How soon can I get the module delivered?

It'll depend on how fast you can get your city (or country) to approve a permit for your property. 

You'll also need to prepare the site–with a minimally invasive foundation system, such as concrete blocks or steel piles– and utility connections. Something a general contractor can assist you with.

Once you've obtained the permit and prepared the site, we'll schedule the delivery of the module.

How far can you deliver the module?

We can deliver the modules to any of the states except Alaska. The delivery charge is about $15/mile. So the closer you live to Riverside, CA., the less costly it'll be to deliver the module. Delivering within California, the fee will be about $15,000. 

Is the home solar and battery-ready?

Yes, we've designed this Pine model so that you can easily install solar panels and a battery. If you'd like to include this in the module purchase, let our team know, and we'll arrange to get you a quote and include these products when delivering the module.

Can I buy more than one mini-home?

Yes, you can purchase more than one module. And if you purchase all available ten modules, the purchase price drops to $265,000 per module.

Do I have to use the module as a home?

No, you can use the module however you like. We've had clients use their ADU as a home office, a gym and spa, as well as a guest house for when friends and family visit.

How is the home pre-certified?

The module was certified through ANSI (American National Standards Institute). It states that any zoning district or other area that allows ANSI code-certified items such as mobile tiny homes/ADUs –like this module – meet the building code for single-family homes in California.
ANSI is a federal code rather than a state code. Giving homeowners the ability to place this mobile tiny home in their backyard.

You'll still need to go through the permitting process with your local officials, but this ANSI certification helps to obtain that permit with less hassle.

Let's get started

Tell us about your project, if you're interested and what other questions you have about the mini-home.